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This sculpture is a versatile piece. Made from Vulcan black clay, smooth to the touch.


When creating this piece, the clay wanted to sit in my hand, to be held, and so it was formed, nestling perfectly in the palm of a hand.


It can be admired in its sculptural form and used as a tool for ritual practice.


This piece curates and encourages a personal, handheld space of honouring and communication with an object of meaning to you.


A feather, stone, or object of your personal choice can sit and be held within its shell.


I personally treasure natural-found objects, but they could be an inherited piece of jewellery from a distant ancestor, an object a loved one gave you, an object that represents a part of your life you want to let go of but need to muse upon before doing so, or an object that inspires you to create.


To have and to hold in one’s thoughts and heart for however long is necessary


SKU: 36523641234523
  • Ceramic shrine and ritual vessel with feather and stone

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