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Blow out the candles and enter the night.

Your eyes have not yet adjusted to the moonlight; step forward with grace.

Taste the iron-rich soil in the air as your senses explore the woodland that knows you well.


Within the darkness, you meet your mind’s familiar distractions that fill your visions void.

Greet them; back-to-back, you face each other.

For a moment, they are as real as you are.


Snap! A twig breaks.

Its sharp sound takes you from your head back into your warm, beating heart.

Skin is fresh, senses are heightened, and you are alert, aware, and alive.

You bow your head in humility, breathing deeply as you acknowledge your gratitude.


Your sight returns.

The oak has bestowed you a gift.


SKU: 364115376135191
  • Ceramic and oak branch.

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